Do you have land?

Why Kodiak?

Kodiak is different, we listen to what local people have to say and believe that local engagement is the best way to get the most for our landowners and the local community.

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Kodiak is Different

With decades of collective experience in all aspects of the planning and development world from house builders to local authorities our team is incredibly well placed to give you the best chance of gaining planning permission on your land for a sensible and well integrated residential development.

Kodiak is part of the Gladman group of companies that allows the team access to research, resources and information which provides an excellent foundation for us to understand the wider planning context. Kodiak’s collaborative ethos ensures we provide a personal and professional service to deliver carefully designed, high quality developments.

We have Experience & Expertise

Throughout their careers our in-house team have been involved with all aspects of planning and development from single storey extensions right through to large-scale residential, commercial and industrial schemes. We therefore have the extensive breadth of knowledge to ensure all sites are well planned and integrated within their settlement.

Personal Professional Service

We strive to maintain communication with the Local Authorities, communities and land owners that we are working with. We feel that relationships mean everything, that’s why we spend a huge amount of time travelling the country to meet people face to face in a time where emails and electronic communication seems to have taken over.

Working with your community

With an extensive community consultation process and an ethos of making and maintaining rapport with various local stakeholders we do everything we can to encourage community involvement within our developments.

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